Learn to make pasta

in a real Italian pasta factory
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Cooking class
in Rome

Pastificio Faini, Roma, IT.

The only cooking class in Rome to learn how to make pasta, made in a real pasta factory, where you will learn, in one of the top 10 pasta factories in Rome, to make many types of pasta in a simple and infallible way, thus succeeding to make all the recipes of the lesson at home.

In the three hours lessons you will learn:

– egg dough

– rolling of the dough, a traditional method

– explanation of safe food catting procedures

classic fillings

different types of ravioli


– tagliatelle

– fettuccine water and flour.

– making of a typical Italian sauce (made by the chef)


To follow, lunch or dinner with tasting of the pasta made during the lesson.

Menù: Ravioli with béchamel sauce with fresh sage, Tagliatelle with egg and fettuccine water and flour with sauce made during the lesson. Water, a glass of Italian wine in the bottle, bitter and biscuits.

Available languages: Italian, English and French.


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For the first time a complete protocol with all the guidelines you will need to make many types of pasta and many fillings, in a simple, clear and direct way.

Are you tired of the usual cooking classes that teach you only recipes but don’t help YOU UNDERSTAND how to make high quality pasta and special fillings?

Pastificio Faini is the best solution!